Pricing and services

RandomPicker is for free if you choose winners for personal or non-profit purposes (for example your personal blogs, charity, education).

Use RandomPicker for your business activities and pay as you go, no contracts are necessary. Bulk discounts are available (3-pack, 5-pack, yearly flat fee). Simply use your credit card or PayPal to pay for RandomPicker.

You can pay in your local currency. Show the pricing table in:
$0for personal
usage only
$25single draw
basic price
$493 credits
save $26
$795 credits
save $46
for 1 year
Number of projectsunlimited135unlimited
Max. entries per project 1 0001 000 0001 000 0001 000 0001 000 000
Archived for3 months15 months15 months15 months15 months
Protocol watermark"For non-profit purposes only"nonenonenonenone

How To Start? Create your account here. The registration is for free and you can try the whole system, even conduct test drawings for your entries. You need to pay (or buy credit) just before the final drawing.

Human auditor

Human auditor is an optional service. If you order it, our auditor will take care of the whole drawing.
You just send us the entrants and we will check and clean the file, set up the project, test it and conduct a drawing. You get a protocol in PDF and a live link so people can check it online. We will also send you an installation code for the verification seal, so you can publish it on your pages.

Price for Human Auditor service: $49 per project.


New partner (18/04/2014)

Version 3.7 (14/02/2014)

Scheduled maintenance (06/11/2013)

Number of Drawings Conducted to Date 48962
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