In 2023, Black Friday will be on November 24th. It is followed by Cyber Monday on November 27th. Both dates are great opportunities to promote your business and increase your sales and customer base. Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year promotions are incredible opportunities to make sales for all kinds of businesses – from retailers, local businesses, services, SaaS, and digital companies.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are mainly connected with massive discounts. There are several ways how to offer discounts:

  • Flat discount: lower prices for everything, the discount is usually in % of the total value
  • Selected deals: some items are significantly discounted
  • Gift coupons – customers get a discount voucher of a specific value, it can be used for the next purchase
  • Customers get an extra gift with their purchase
  • Free delivery or other services

Free delivery or other services
Nowadays, the event is not limited only to Friday and Monday, but it is extended for the whole week or even longer! This gives you an opportunity to make an interesting mix of different deals. For example, you can create a sequence of daily offers from the lowest value to the highest value.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often connected with various contests, giveaways, and raffles. It can help you get more leads or increase your mailing list, as well as increase the engagement of your current customers.

Include as many customers and leads into your Black Friday giveaway for the best results:

  • All people who purchased during the Black Friday automatically enter the raffle.
  • Customers can get a different number of tickets depending on the amount of their purchase.
  • You can also make separate giveaways for various customer segments.

Giveaway ideas which can enrich your Black Friday or Cyber Monday

  • Offer a freebie to your customers – it can be an e-book with a useful guide, tips and tricks or other useful content. Use the download form to get new leads.
  • Quiz – create an interesting or funny quiz that is related to your business. Correct answers will qualify them to be involved in the drawing.
  • Giveaway – customers can win an extra gift with their purchase. The gift should be ideally related to your business – for example, a clothing store can offer a free fashion consultation as a prize.
  • Photo contest – users will make their photo with your product
  • Gift guides – help users select the right gift for their family or friends
  • Guess the number of Black Friday customers in our shop and win.
  • Contests on social media (share and win)

How to promote Black Friday and Cyber Monday on your website?

  • Welcome popups with a discount announcement
  • Discount page with the list of deals
  • Top or bottom bars
  • Time countdowns
  • Discounted prices next to common prices
  • Landing pages

According to the McKinsey survey, 90% of consumers plan to get involved in Black Friday.

We recommend using our online random picker to select winners of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday giveaways. You can easily import the contestants into a drawing and let it choose the winner. You can use weights to adjust the chance of winning based on the purchase amount.

RandomPicker also offers a registration form you can embed into your website. You will get the certificate of validity so you can prove that the drawing was unbiased.

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