This article describes how to import entries (comments) from your Facebook post. Please note that you are able to read comments only from the Facebook profile that is the administrator of the Facebook Business page – login to Facebook with the right credentials.

The Facebook comment picker is available in the Entries section > Facebook.

  • Submit Page ID
  • Submit Post ID or URL
  • Define filter (optional)
  • Authorize RandomPicker to access your Facebook account

Step 1: Submit the Page ID

How to find the Page ID: Go to your Facebook business page > About > Page ID is on the bottom of the About section. It’s a long number, for example 1357522798147790.

Step 2: Submit the Post ID or the post URL

How to find the Post ID: Go to your Facebook post and click the date below the post title. Look at the URL – The last part of the URL is the requested post ID, in this example 32833818950517860.

Step 3: Define filter (optional)

Use the filter field to import only comments containing specific keywords. Multiple words must be separated by comma, whitespaces will be removed.

Step 4: Click the Search button

After you click the Search button, RandomPicker will try to connect with Facebook. A popup window will ask you to log in to Facebook and allow RandomPicker to access your Facebook account and read the comments.

The list of comments will appear. Duplicate entries will be removed.

Step 5. Save entries

Click the Import button to convert comments into entries.