RandomPicker is an online tool which helps choose random winners. It is a server application, you don’t need to install anything on your computer, everything runs online on secure servers. There are a few easy steps to conduct an unbiased draw in RandomPicker:

  • Create a drawing project and add prizes – submit its name, prizes and other details.
  • Add entrants – type them, import them or generate sets of numbers.
  • Conduct a drawing. You can also make several tests before the drawing to see how it works.

You need an account to use RandomPicker. We do not provide services to anonymous users due to the transparency of RandomPicker draws. Creating your account takes you only a minute and is free.

New drawing project

To build a project, go to ‘My projects’ and choose ‘Create a new draw project’ (or you can also do it at My Account page). Fill in the project definition:

  • Project name – this label will be displayed in the list of your projects and in the protocol.
  • Random method – choose the one you prefer. We recommend selecting GUID method for larger draws as it is much quicker than the thermal noise method.
  • Terms & Conditions – write some details to describe your project – how people can be included in the draw (visitors, registered users, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, purchased a product, took part in a survey, etc.) and the time range.
  • WWW – you can add a link to your website or an address of the contest page, your Facebook page, Twitter and others.

Then you need to define prizes. You can use up to 50 kinds of different prizes, insert each prize level on a separate row. If you have only 1 prize (for example, a book), insert number 1 into the first field of the first row and the text “book” into the second field of the first row. If your entrants can win 3 books and 10 vouchers, enter 3 books in the first row and 10 vouchers in the second row. Click the button ‘Create project’ to save it. You can change the settings any time until the final draw.

Add entries

Choose the project and click on Add new entries. There are several ways to add entries from your list:

  1. copy the whole list from your Word, Excel, TXT file – each person has to be in a separate row. Paste the list into the form.
  2. upload entries in TXT, XLS or XLSX file.


Read the checklist before you proceed with the final drawing. You can conduct several test drawings so you can see how the system works. The results are always different because people are chosen randomly. Test drawings are only temporary and will be ovewritten by the final results. After you conduct the final drawing the project will be locked and no changes will be possible.

Public record

The online public record is a very important output of each drawing. Everyone can check it. The link to the public record is usually published by the organizer to prove the unbiased drawing. The public record includes all basic facts, prizes and winners. A full text search is available in the public record. People can verify their participation in the drawing.