The Live Events module provides an easy way how to present drawings at your meeting, during the streaming or for other situations.


How it works

This module uses the same drawing method as common RandomPicker drawings, but it adds the visual layer. All winners are generated during the initial phase (when the turning wheel animation is visible) and in the next phase you can see the visualisation only. Even if you click on the Pause button, you will not interrupt the generator, because winners have been already selected.

Each Live event drawing has its unique link. You can publish it or send it to your audience so they can watch the drawing remotely in real time. Or you can use this view on the projector and control the drawing from your panel on the laptop. You can find the link before the OK / Cancel buttons. Its format is

Here is an example of how a Live event drawing works. You can see the organizer’s panel on the left and the public visualisation on the right of the video:

The time delay between your panel and public view depends mainly on the quality of internet connection.



The Live Events module is available for the following plans: Standard Plan, Advanced Plan and RandomPicker for Nonprofits. See Pricing for further details.


Beta testing

This module is still in the development phase and we will bring new options and adjustments in the near future.