Click on “Create new” button to add a new draw project, on My account or My projects page.

You need to set up the new draw project first:

  • Project name
  • Chance of winning
  • Random method
  • Terms and Conditions
  • WWW link
  • Project type – draw winners or sport draw


  • If your draw has only one prize, put it into the first field.
  • If you offer two same prizes (2x $10 voucher) use only one row and input the quantity=2.
  • If you offer different prizes use several rows and add quantity to each prize.

Optionally, you can upload an image to each prize – just select the prize and a new dialog appears on the right. Use JPG, GIF or PNG formats and the ideal image size is the square 250 x 250 pixels. All other dimensions will be resized to 250x250px.

Repeated raffles

Do you repeat the same raffle every day/week/month on Random Picker? If yes, there is a way to automate this task making it much easier and faster to do! We’ve added a ‘copy’ function which allows you to quickly duplicate your raffle into a new one. How does it work? When you create a new project, click on the ‘Copy settings from another project’ button and then select the source raffle.

The following properties will then be copied into your new raffle.
Copy Settings from another project

  • Project name with the suffix “Copy of …”
  • Chance of winning
  • Project type
  • Random method
  • Terms & Conditions
  • WWW
  • Public results
  • Prize(s)

When you repeat projects with the same entries, you can also import entries from the source projects. Sometimes organisers need to exclude the winners. Just select the suitable option during the copy process:

  • Do not copy entries – Random Picker will not import the entries from the source project
  • Copy entries and exclude winner(s) – Random Picker will import the entries and the recent winners will not be included in the new project
  • Copy all entries – RandomPicker will import all entries from the source project, including the winners as well

Availability: The Copy function is available only in the paid plans (Basic, Standard, Advanced). See Pricing for further details.