Sometimes you need only a simple and offline tool to randomize items, people or to select random winner. There is a simple solution: use an excel randomizer as random winner generator. Here is a short guide how to do it:


Step 1: Put all names into the first column (A)

Type or copy your list, each name comes in a separate row.


Step 2: Generate a random number for each name.

How to do it? Just put the formula =RND() into column B, next to each name.


Step 3: Change the RND formula into values

Excel generates random numbers again and again after each action. To avoid it, copy the whole column B and paste it to the same column “as Values”.


Step 4. Sort both columns by the random numbers (column B)

That’s it! You have your winner in the first cell.


We have prepared a quick excel file with a macro that does the same action – you put the names, click the button and it will generate random numbers and sort the list. Please note, that it includes a sorting macro and many antivirus tools will show you a warning. If you don’t enable the macro, the file will not work.

RANDOMIZER.XLSX (Zip archive) 

If you need more than this simple excel randommizer, try our advanced online random name picker – unbiased drawings with public records.