The right selection of prizes is essential for a successful raffle or giveaway. Raffles are often used for fundraising and charity activities, but companies and agencies use raffles as well. The more attractive the prizes, the more people the raffle will attract. Here are some raffle prize ideas:

Electronics, gadgets

  • iPhone
  • Tablet, iPad
  • Flat TV
  • Gaming console (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo)
  • Camera
  • Smart watch
  • Bluetooth headset
  • Home, kitchen or garden appliances
  • E-reader, Kindle

Tickets for sport events

  • Super Bowl
  • Footbal, soccer, volleyball, hockey game in the highest national league
  • Season ticket for a local sport team
  • F1 or Moto GP tickets

Trips and vacations

  • Trip to the mountains
  • Weekend in a romantic chateau
  • Sport, wellness or meditation weekend
  • Tropical or exotic places

Adventure, adrenaline

  • Paragliding
  • Scuba diving
  • Flight simulator
  • Survival course
  • Go-kart racing
  • Ski lessons
  • Canoe tours
  • Flight in a baloon, glider or small aircraft
  • Indoor sky diving
  • Bungee jumping

Culinary, beverages, food

  • Dinner with a celebrity (singer, youtuber, actor, writer, sport star, entrepreneur)
  • Dinner in the Sky
  • Culinary course
  • Lunch in a Michelin-star restaurant
  • Gift baskets with alcohol and foodies
  • Cakes
  • Workshop – cooking, coctail

Local services

  • Hairdresser
  • Cosmetics, makeup
  • Massage
  • Physioterapy
  • Yoga lessons
  • Spa and wellness subscription
  • Gym membership
  • Coaching
  • Car washing


  • Tickets to the most expected pop music concert
  • Opera, ballet tickets
  • Opera stream subscription
  • Cinema tickets
  • Symphony orchestra
  • Theater tickets
  • Books, gift vouchers to a bookshop

Virtual gifts

  • Apple Store or Google Play gift card
  • Online game gift cards
  • e-Books


  • A fixed amount of money
  • A flexible amount of money (for example 50/50, half of the proceeds)
  • The winner’s choice – the winner can choose a prize from several raffle prizes

If you are a nonprofit o charity organization, you can find many inspirational ideas here:
Raffle prize ideas for charities and nonprofits

What prize to choose for your raffle?

Costs – your prizes must reflect your budget. To offer a brand new car in a local raffle doesn’t make much sense.

Target group – not all prizes are not suitable for all people. The prizes should reflect the target group.

Prize size and portability

Legal: If you consider organizing a raffle, consult the condition with your local raffle advisor. Raffle laws vary by country and by state! Sometimes, you need to register at the local office, some states or countries prohibit money as the prize, etc.

How to choose a raffle winner?

There are several ways how to choose raffle winners. You can draw tickets from a hat, you can use various gadgets or you can do it online, using our Random Picker app. It will randomly select winners and generate a certificate for each drawing. It is free for charity and nonprofits!

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