Conduct random drawings using our trusted online platform.

Several easy steps of your drawing

Sign up and try our drawings for free. There are a few easy steps to randomly choose winners:

  • Create a drawing project (name, prizes, drawing details)
  • Put entrants into Random Picker
  • Conduct a drawing. Or you can make several tests before.
Random Picker generates an online certificate for you – a drawing protocol - which declares a proper drawing process. You can publish its link on your website so all entrants can check their participation in the draw. Nobody can get the whole list of entrants, the system provides a unique way of project transparency.

How does it work?

A project means the draw itself with its entries, prizes and protocol. For each draw you need to create a separate project.
Input your entries manually or import them from Excel, TXT file. Random Picker randomizes each entry by assigning one random number per one entrant.
You can work with several sets of prizes, there can be different amount of prizes in each set. (one car and 3 books and 100 discount vouchers, etc.)
Not only competition winners can be randomized. also supports random sport drawings (assigning brackets to bottom players in knockout tournament, building random teams) or party games.

Random number generator

We use several randomizers to generate random numbers. A random numbers is assigned to each entrant in the project and the whole list is sorted by this random records. You can use a true random numbers created by a special hardware equipment (complying with Federal Information Processing Standards - FIPS) or apply a quick server-side randomizer. Both methods are sufficient for drawing purposes.

Audited and secure platform system has been successfully tested by an independent auditor ( Random Picker encrypts your data in transit from your computer to our servers using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).
The source code of the application is available for state authorities to prove its correctness and independence.

Legal Framework

The rules for using a random draw for promotions and competitions may differ country to country. Please check your local laws before applying random selection in your promotions, there might be a legal limitations in your country.

Publish results

You can publish the drawing protocol and the RandomPicker seal, so participants can see the basic information, number of entries, winners, etc. They can check if they were involved into the draw - by submitting their identifier (email, ID, etc.).

Example protocol: (audited)