Use RandomPicker for your business activities and pay as you go, no contracts are necessary. We recommend our yearly plan if you need to conduct several drawings. You can also purchase one credit for a separate drawings. Use your credit card or PayPal to pay for RandomPicker.

RandomPicker is for free if you choose winners for non-profit purposes (limit 100 entries). We like nonprofits - if you work for a great cause, nonprofit organizations can use RandomPicker for free even with higher limits.

Currency (payment in your local currency will be automatically converted):
$0for personal
usage only
$39single draw
basic price
for 1 year
for 1 year
$0we support
Number of projectsunlimited1unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Max. entries per project 100 300 000 300 0001 000 000 300 000
Archived for3 months15 months15 months15 months15 months
Protocol watermark"For non-profit purposes only"nonenonenone"For non-profit purposes only"
OtherMultiple users
2x Human Audits
NGO, nonprofits, charities, schools

How to start?
Create your account here. The registration is free. You can try RandomPicker an conduct test drawings. You need to purchase a plan or credit just before the final drawing.

I do not own a Paypal account
You do not need to own a PayPal account. Just select the option "Pay with my credit or debit card" in the PaylPal page and enter you card number. Address, email or phone number may also be requested depending on your country.

What currencies are accepted?
PayPal provides payments in almost all currencies - the price in USD or EUR are usually converted into your local currency, only a few currencies are excluded.

I need a tax document for the payment
You can download the invoice/tax document in your Account History after the payment is processed.

What is your refund policy
Our goal has always been to have many satisfied users. If you are not satisfied, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away.

Human Auditor

Human auditor is an optional service. Our auditors will take care of the whole drawing. You just need to send us the entrants and we will check and clean the file, set up the project, test it and conduct a drawing. You get a drawing report in PDF and a live link to online protocol so people can check their participation.

Price for Human Auditor service: $97 per project. This is a flat rate, you do not need to purchase credits or subscriptions.

Please note that Human Auditor is not an instant service and it usually takes 2-5 hrs. to complete the whole process depending on the size and structure of your list of entries. Our business hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm London Time.