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Random Picker helps you draw winners for your contests, giveaways or raffles.
We are one of the world’s most used independent services for random drawings.

Free plan available for personal and non-profit usage.

Random Picker

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How Random Picker Works

Use our random name picker to choose winners of your competition, contest, raffle*, sweepstake, to draw from fans, Twitter followers or survey participants. You can even conduct random sport drawings. Random Picker is a service that guarantees a proper and independent drawing.


Create a new project and select type

Add prizes

Add prizes and number of winners

Add entries

Add entries or let people submit them

Start drawing

Use a quick randomizer or a live event module

The system is easy to use and ready for more complex drawings. Each project can involve different prize categories and have a different number of prizes, for instance 10 TVs and 999 books. You can draw winners using different methods – real random numbers or pseudorandom algorithms.

You can make several tests before you carry out the final drawing in order to learn how the system works and verify that the results are always different and random.

Results and Outputs of Random Drawings

What you get after the drawing? RandomPicker selects winners and generates a public record for each drawing.


You get winners selected by the random number generator.

Public record

Online certificate that proves unbiased draw and all details.

Entry search

Participants can check whether they were included in the draw.

Anonymized list

Anonymized list of entries for (only first and last letter of each entry visible).

Anti-Fraud Controls for Unbiased Drawings

RandomPicker includes both technical and non-technical measures to detect suspicious activities. They help increase trust in our community and your drawing projects.

Project lock

No additional changes are possible after the final drawing.

Check participation

Participants can check whether they were involved in the draw.

List of entries

Anonymized participant list available for each draw with duplicates and weights.

Public records

An online record is generated for each drawing with all details.

Recent drawings

Organizer’s recent drawings and their status available.

And more …

Audited selection algorithms, internal rating system and other controls available.

Various Drawing Mechanisms

Campaign rules can vary greatly, and that’s why RandomPicker offers multiple drawing mechanics to suit different needs.

Simple Random Drawings

Most projects choose winners using the standard method. The system takes all participants, randomly selects a winner, and assigns a prize randomly. Every participant has an equal chance of winning.

Weighted Drawings

In some cases, adjusting the odds of winning is beneficial. For example, in a charity event where participants buy tickets, the more tickets a donor buys, the higher their chances of winning. Our weighted drawing method accommodates these scenarios more effectively than the standard method.

Preferred prizes

Sometimes, raffle organizers offer multiple prizes and allow participants to choose which prize they are most interested in. Our Preferred Prizes module supports this type of drawing, making it easy to manage and customize.

Participants and Entries

Our customers usually choose a winner from:

  • Product purchasers
  • Blog readers
  • Magazine subscribers
  • Instagram followers
  • Twitter followers
  • Survey participants
  • Loyalty club members
  • YouTube comments
  • and much much more…

* Do not use RandomPicker for regulated draws (lotteries, betting projects etc.) to avoid legal problems. We recommend checking local laws as there are many various legal regulations and requirements in different countries.

Free Plan Available For:

  • Small personal non-profit usage
  • Testing purposes
  • Limit of 100 entries per project

We Support Charity and Nonprofits

If you work for a great cause, we want to help! Nonprofits can use RandomPicker for free. Learn more here.


If you need higher limits, more features, or you use RandomPicker for business purposes, we charge a reasonable fee – see Pricing for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What random method does your draw generator use?

Our random drawing generator offers two different methods: (1) Genuine random numbers are produced by a special hardware randomizer. (2) The second algorithm is based on GUID numbers generated by server CPUs.

How is your random picker app different from other random drawing apps?

RandomPicker has been created to help organizers make their raffles and contests transparent. The software includes many measures how to prove the correctness of drawings.

Can I install RandomPicker to my computer?

No, RandomPicker is a server-side (online) application. The app runs on our servers to provide the highest transparency and trustworthiness of random drawings. You only need an internet browser to use our platform, there is no need to install anything on your computer.

Can RandomPicker select multiple winners in a drawing?

Yes, you can add many prizes to a single drawing, and also define number of winners for each prize. The winners will be generated at the same time, in the same drawing.

What is the difference between quick drawings and and live events?

Sometimes, you may need to import entries and quickly select winners, nobody is watching the drawing process. In this case, the quick drawing saves your time – it only generates winners and a public record, without any visual effect. Sometimes, you have a live audience, and need to present the winners – that’s when live event drawings come in handy.

What is the public record?

RandomPicker app generates a public record for each drawing. It’s an online document that summarize the whole drawing process – number of entries, their weights, number of prizes and winners, drawing time and date, winners, etc. Participants can also check whether their entry was included. The record is publicly accessible by anybody who knows its URL address. Most organizers publish the link to the public record on their website, social media, or in their email campaign, so the participants can check the drawing.

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