About Us

We launched RandomPicker to help companies easily manage their raffles and contests.

Simple idea, global impact

We created RandomPicker as a simple tool to conduct one internal drawing 10 years ago. Nowadays, our clients are Fortune 500 companies, SME segment, solo entrepreneurs, nonprofit fundraisers, bloggers, gamers, school groups, sport players, churches and many other users. Our SaaS service is used in more than 150 countries worldwide.


Drawings conducted up to date


In countries worldwide

We support charities, nonprofits and education

We provide RandomPicker services for free to many thousands of charities, non-profits organizations and schools in almost all countries across the globe. We see every day that this work makes a difference and helps with the fundraising and marketing activities of these organizations to better fulfill their mission.

Help us build digital products
for your success

We are passionate about improving RandomPicker and its services. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve RandomPicker.

Here are just a few ideas of our users we added to our random name picker in the past:

Live Event module and playback
Images of prizes
Landing page with the collection form
Weighted drawings
Preferred prizes

Our Team

We are based in the heart of Europe, Prague, the UNESCO city with an overwhelming history, beautiful architecture and vibrant pulse of life. Our development team resides in Pilsen, another historical city & the world’s capital of beer. The support is provided from Kutna Hora, another UNESCO historical location.





Kutna Hora


RandomPicker.com is developed and maintained by VeroMotion:

VeroMotion s.r.o.
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Helpdesk: support@randompicker.com
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The Company is registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File No 101687. Our VAT number is CZ27170730. We are also registered at The Office for Personal Data Protection, Prague.

Curious about our other services? We are also running Quallie – the online focus group software for qualitative market researchers.