Changelog – What’s new

Version 7.1 (2020/11/24)

  • System performance optimization
  • Public records languages: Ukrainian and Vietnamese added to public records
  • Export to CSV based on locale detection (commas vs. semicolon separator)
  • Nonprofit plan – email notification are sent before the expiration
  • Several design changes (text boxes, custom design section, etc.)
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

Version 7.0 (2020/05/05)

  • API improvements
  • Higher system performance
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

Version 6.9 (2019/10/12)

  • New storage (CDN) for images
  • New storage for archived projects
  • Different accounts can be archived after different periods
  • User management (company account)
  • Several rare issues with import from file solved
  • Security improvements (encryption changes)
  • Many fixes and improvements

Version 6.8 (2019/10/09)

  • Live event optimization
  • Speed optimization – profile update
  • Widget data export
  • Open (not finished) projects can be deleted without the archivation
  • Many fixes and improvements

Version 6.7 (2019/06/04)

  • Prizes: new Bulk insert button to add many prizes at once
  • My Account: several items moved to the new Setting section
  • New anti-cheating functions
  • FB login fixed
  • Live event – countdown improved
  • Live event: fixed problem with the button Start later in combination with one prize
  • Several minor fixes and improvements

Version 6.6 (2019/04/13)

  • Google + to Google Sign In changes
  • API improvements
  • Several fixes and performance improvements

Version 6.5 (2019/02/19)

  • Prizes – fixed delay problems in the prize table
  • Data Import: Fill series of numbers automatically – you can add prefix a suffix to generated numbers
  • Live events – better image resizing
  • Public records – name and prizes available even after archivation
  • Test results improvements
  • and other minor improvements

Version 6.4 (2018/12/12)

  • New project menu bar added
  • Entries – import methods divided into several tabs
  • Checklist page reworked, integration with the Live events module
  • Live event module – new design, more customization options
  • New Result page
  • Randompicker account translated to Spanish
  • Randompicker account translated to Russian
  • Live event preview added
  • Several minor fixes
  • UX improvements
  • Randompicker account translated to Spanish
  • Randompicker account translated to Russian

Version 6.3 (2018/10/09)

  • Collection widget: added checkbox options (useful for consents)
  • New registration form
  • Project setup: better UX (project type, chance of winning)
  • User profile form improved
  • HTML emails
  • Fixed Recent projects page
  • Fixed the plan limit value in checklist
  • Fixed the appearance of winners on the Live event page

Version 6.2 (2018/07/30)

  • Project setup: new form structure (basic, advanced)
  • Project: Custom design I. – several elements of public record, widget and live event can be customized (beta)
  • API improvements
  • Prize setup: the form saves changes instantly
  • Import entries: added number of entries and link to the list
  • Live event: better mobile view
  • Speed optimization –  Find duplicities
  • and many small improvements and fixes

Version 6.1.1 (2018/06/04)

  • Less information required in the user profile form.
  • Project checklist improvements
  • User name removed from the register form (=email)
  • Prizes: validation for zero quantity, unnamed prizes and image upload

Version 6.1 (2018/05/14)

  • The RandomPicker application moved to the, the website created for new content and user support.
  • Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for greater control and transparency in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • New invoice design
  • GDPR compliance changes

Version 6.0.1 (2018/04/26)

  • Live events – better master-slave sync, we removed the Pause button in the preview
  • Speed optimization – My projects

Version 6.0 (2018/03/14)

  • New API methods for better automation
  • Fixed Delete buttons in Mozilla
  • Fixed “Save a note ” button in Mozilla
  • Adjusted alert text after live event drawing